Better than Nothing

We’ve been planning on updating the blog with several timelapse videos that we’ve shot on our most recent projects but as the previous post suggests… they are sitting neglected at the bottom of the pile.

We still have full intention of compiling and posting the videos but since client needs come first, they’re going to have to wait.

Right now we are in the midst of planning a full catalogue shoot for Helly Hansen, Building edit bays for Redbull to go to Woodward at Copper Mountain, Building bar tables for Redbull for The Club in Vail, shooting product for Mountain Smith’s new catalogue, producing a video for internal Helly Hansen sales meetings currently going on in Norway, doing design and engineering work for a Colorado public library, and the list goes on…

It’s not the quality time lapse that we’d hoped to post but here are some photos of the “retirement card” we built for Qwest.  The card is to Ralphie, University of Colorado’s mascot, who ran his last laps around the field before the CU vs. Nebraska game last Friday. The game ended up being the highest scoring game in the history of Folsom Field. CU won. Nice work Ralphie!

Thanks to 361 Marketing!





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