Bottom of the Pile

It is inevitable that work is going to pile up and just as certain that some things will get pushed to the bottom of the pile. This is not an inherently bad thing; everyone knows the importance of prioritizing. However, in times of triage, things never look good for the poor little blog.

Although the Public Works doesn’t have an online community surrounding our blog yet, it is young and our intention is to grow our online presence as our business grows. Our business platform has been based around direct contact and interaction with the consumer as much as b2b synergies from day one and there is no better way to foster that interaction than a solid commitment to utilizing the community power of web 2.0.

For examples of this, check out the photo community on sites like aphotoeditor and Chase Jarvis or the environmental community at Treehugger and No Impact Man

This being said, we understand that we will never build that community unless we provide solid interesting content on a regular basis and while we will always put the needs of our clients first, we will do our best to keep this blog updated with the most recent news in the Public Works world.


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