Red Bull Flugtag, Portland, Oregon

The event is insane and the masses of fans that showed up were even more mind blowing.  We heard estimates of 100k+ fans in attendance thrown around and that number certainly didn’t feel far off.

We shot with two other photographers, Francois Portmann and Timothy Wheeler, both who were a pleasure to work with.

The shooting was a bit hectic as one of our locations was a floating dock that a fan who happened to own a tugboat anchored in the Willamette.  A giant island of water vessels tethered together formed around the dock and to change angles you had to battle the drunken floating crowd and jump from ski boat to dingy to yaght without getting corralled by a guy with a megaphone or a beer bong.

Though parts proved challenging, the event was crazy fun to shoot and it was great working with the Red Bull Photofiles crew.

Huge thanks to Marv, Sandra, and everyone involved!







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