Red Bull Soap Box, Philly

After a couple of days in SoCal visiting the Transworld, Snowboard, and Powder offices, attending the Double Decade Mack Dawg premier at the Oakley headquarters, and playing in the surf, we headed to Philadelphia to shoot the Red Bull Soap Box.

The forecast had been predicting 100% chance of “heavy precipitation” for over 48 hours so the rain came as no surprise. But while being prepared was better than not, it still created the usual challenges of foggy lenses, wet equipment, dark skies, and soggy shoes.

As usual, we did our best to adapt to less than idea conditions and get the job done right. While not the styliest rain accessory, the poncho proved to be a good choice as it was easy to hold the camera under cover and duck inside to review histograms. Shower caps are a good solution for covering the camera body and ziplocks and rubber bands kept our speedlights and Pocket Wizards running smoothing… as long as drunks or soap box cars weren’t smashing into light stands and breaking our hot shoe connections (both happened).

The event was, in typical Red Bull fashion, rowdy, crazy, and fun. And while there are always interesting challenges to tackle, it keeps things interesting.


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