Photography 101

One of the clients with whom we’ve enjoyed a long relationship had, on several occasions, indicated interest in setting up a beginning photography class in the Denver area for herself as well as some coworkers and friends.

This Sunday we reserved some class room space and made it happen.

The whole process was interesting, fun, and actually quite helpful. It has been over a decade since any of us took our last formal photography class and although we utilize the basic principles taught in photo 101 on an almost daily basis, they are rarely something we outwardly and consciously examine… certainly not in the depth and detail it takes to put together a curriculum and convey them to someone with little to no photographic background.

Creating the curriculum and visual presentation of the topics allowed us to reexamine on a base level what taking photos is all about.

We discussed everything from the construction and mechanics of an SLR vs. P&S, basics camera controls, details of aperture, shutter, and ISO, correctly exposing a photo, utilizing ambient light, composition, digital workflow, to considerations in buying equipment and software… etc. etc.

Everyone left with a better understanding of how to use the camera they already had, how to improve the photos they already shoot, and a renewed excitement and confidence in photography.

If anyone reading this has any interest in the presentation please say so in the comments and we can provide it as a PDF.



  1. Jens Espenhahn


    after reading the post, I am extremely interested in the presentation and would be thankful if you could provide it as a PDF as mentioned.
    Thanks and greetz to Colorado.

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