Chatter Creek

Last week we booked tickets for 20 people (12 athletes, 2 photographers, 2 motion guys, 3 company guys, someone from a potential account) to Calgary, drove them to Golden via packed-to-the-gills rental vehicles, loaded a school bus and took a field trip to the heli pick up, took 6 helicopter loads over a beautiful mountain lake to the snow cat pick up, and rode a snow cat into the best place on earth.

Chatter Creek Lodge is an epic log cabin build entirely from on-site lumber deep in the Canadian Rockies. They have an enormous tenure (238 square kilometres) accessed by 4 snow cats and a heli and the coolest staff in the world.

We simultaneously negotiated a deal for a Helly Hansen uniform contract for Chatter Creek and booked the annual early season winter photo shoot.

The crew killed it with Nate Abbott and Mark Gallup on stills and Pixl Family on motion behind the lenses and Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, James Heim, Shin Campos, Eric Pollard, JP Solberg, Chris Davenport, PK Hunder, Lisa Filzmoser, Jessica Sobolowski, Jake Knigge, and Karine Falck-Pedersen in front.

We managed a huge shot list with a boatload of product and seem to have nailed everything we needed. We also managed to collect product feedback from the athletes and the Chatter guides and staff.

Ridiculously beautiful setting, great people, sick terrain, good snow, hot tub, good food, bar games.

All in all… great success!






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