Biodiesel Processor: Part 1

The Public Works team just returned from a hugely successful week in coastal BC. We attended the Telus festival, the 1Step launch party, and the PowWow where Mike spoke expertly on the panel, met with HH athletes and industry media, built a state of the art bio diesel processor, and made party.

Helly Hansen Athlete Mark Abma is making a push to embrace sustainability in every aspect of his life. He launched 1Step, a charity aimed at educating and raising awareness and he’s working with all his sponsors to create more eco-friendly products.

Mark realized that even with these initiatives his career as a professional skier forces him have a larger than average footprint and started looking for ways to reduce… and that’s where we came in.

Mark’s work requires that he have a truck and that he make multiple trips to Interior BC every season and bio seemed like a perfect solution to helping him reach his goal of consuming less.

Our company trucks have been running off waste bio diesel for about 5 years and helping Mark was a great way to develop and promote a more efficient and automated system.

We immediately set to work designing the cleanest most user friendly system we could come up with. After about a month of development we had a working prototype in our shop.

All that was left was to find a way to get all the right parts and tools for Mark’s system to his home in Pemberton, find a waste oil supply, and take the crew up north to build the thing…. 4 days, and 100 trips to the local canadian hardware store later, we had processed 20Gal of waste oil from the sushi restaurant into a tank full of clean diesel for Mark’s truck.

As with any project we do, we looked beyond building the best product possible and saw an opportunity to leverage the story to benefit all parties involved. This meant a film partner, photography, a print media partner, and an extended PR strategy.

Watch for a full print article in the October issue of Freeskier Magazine, an episode from Nimbus Independent, and much more information here and across the intrawebs.

Special thanks to Lande for the hospitality, accommodations, and provisions.





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