We’re proud of our portfolio book. It’s big, shiny, and heavy… but it’s also expensive.

When we show it off we inevitably get asked if we can give them away and, as much as we’d like our work to be on display everywhere, it’s just too expensive.

With a couple of weeks left before SIA (the snow industry tradeshow in Vegas) we decided to design a take-down of the book that we could feel good about giving away.

This is what we came up with… It’s got a laser cut, laser etched bamboo logo, it’s bound with post consumer recycled material, and it includes a business card and portfolio DVD (with photo slide shows and plenty of video). The unit cost ended up right around $5 but the best part is that we can make them in small runs and cater the content to our specific needs… ie. this one is snow industry heavy because it was designed for SIA but we also have a engineering/prototyping/fabrication version as well and we can easily make brand/pitch specific mini books.

Here are some grainy low res point and shoot snapshots (I thought about putting some production value into the presentation on the blog but figured you’d get the point this way).

If you’d like one just drop us a comment and we’ll drop it in the mail.


Inside Front (click to make bigger)
Inside Back (click to make bigger)


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