Red Bull Photofiles Photographer Workshop

We were recently invited to attend a photography workshop for Red Bull photographers in the Red Bull Santa Monica offices.

The photofiles crew put together a quality gathering of photographers to talk and branding, photographic technique, technical post production, and workflow.

There is always a fine line between branding a photograph and communicating an authentic message so the viewer doesn’t feel they’re watching a commercial or having a brand shoved down their throats. This line becomes even more difficult to tread when the photograph is offered as PR. Obviously if the company is giving a photo of an athlete or event in which they’re heavily invested to a magazine, website, or newspaper, they would like a logo to be visible. Just how prominent a logo should be (where in relation to the subject of the photograph, how big, how many logos, etc.) was a huge topic of discussion throughout the day.

Red Bull is extremely good at managing their brand image in all communication tools and this workshop was a forward thinking way to keep their messaging consistent and of the highest possible quality.

We were honored to be invited and be in the company of amazing photographers: Christian Pondella Garth Milan, Chris Tedesco, Francois Portmann, Brian Nevins, Jeremiah Klein, and Jimmy Wilson.

Thanks everyone!

Check out the mac party…



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