SIA Post

SIA Left Las Vegas… Any big change, especially to a long standing tradition or embedded routine can be difficult to deal with but it’s part of life. If you can be open to new possibilities usually you can find solace in moving forward… Good bye Nobu, 4% looser slots, circle bar, yards of booze, and no last call… BUT… Hello fresh air, drinkable water, and city that isn’t a disgusting shit-hole in the desert. I couldn’t be happier.

A lot happened this year for The Public Works at SIA. We picked up some new clients, parted ways with one big client who’s vision differed from ours, got to check out some of our infrastructure and imagery in use, and met a ton of great people.

We’re beyond excited to continue building our network and becoming a bigger part of the Colorado business community. There are a ton of great companies here doing interesting, creative and progressive work and we’re thrilled to be building relationships with many of them.

Check out some of our work at the trade show:

Custom signage for the Helly Hansen Booth getting loaded into the truck.

Helly Hansen signage being installed.

Looking pretty good!

Beetle kill image walls for Obermeyer

Imagery in Spyder booth shot by Ian Fohrman and Mike Arzt


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