Obermeyer’s 90th Birthday Present

We recently embarked on another big project built almost exclusively from colorado beetle kill timber.

The project started with biodiesel fueled voyage deep into the woods in the trusty old plow truck. The beetle kill is almost all standing dead that amounts to a huge fire hazard so all removal is fire mitigation. After a some scouting, a few hours of wielding the Stihls and pretending to be lumbjacks we had a truck packed with timber.

We then headed into the shop to begin milling the raw timber into building material. For this project we wanted to maintain a rugged log cabin finish so we left the edges with a fair amount of bark and imperfections. We fabricated the joints and interior framing for the images and headed out to Aspen for their first display.

After their stint in Aspen, we delivered the walls to the Convention Center in Denver for the first ever Colorado SIA show.

Check out the video:



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