Red Bull 1976 Games 2010

Back to where it all started… The first event we ever shot for Red Bull Photofiles was 1976 Games at Winterpark 3 years ago. 3 years has gone by incredibly quickly but in that time we’ve managed to go from squeaking in that first gig to being 2 of 7 Photofiles photographers in the USA and 2 of 40 internationally.

We’ve been fortunate enough to shoot athletes breaking world records, Sound Clash, Thre3style, Big Tune, several Flugtags and Soap Box events, US motocross nationals, the Denver Grand Prix, Open Ice, ultra marathon runners, skiers, snowboarders, and sled-neckers.

It’s an honor getting to work with all the people that make the Red Bull brand what it is. From the athletes, to marketing managers, to the student brand managers, everyone we’ve worked with is fun, driven, energetic, smart, and interesting. It’s easy to see how Red Bull is able to constantly be the most progressive, connected, authentic brand in whatever market it enters.

Another fun year of snowler-blades, skinny skis, neon, and metal at Copper Mountain!


BC/DC is the best cover band I’ve ever seen!

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