Project 621

The Building
Location – 621 Kalamath St, Denver, Colorado
The current building has two levels of 15,000 square feet each and we plan to add a 1000 square foot building and 2000 sq ft deck to the roof. The entire floor-plan is designed to maximize space usage and flexibility. It will function as a premier place of business during the day and flex into a very unique event space after hours. The building has sat vacant for 5 years and we are about to take that prominent corner of Denver from something of shame to a place that inspires creative spirit.
One block from the Denver Santa Fe Art District and located on one of the busiest intersections in Denver (registered at 69,000+ cars a day) 621 will get instant attention. We also see this location and building as the gateway. People coming into the city from the west will pass 621 just as they enter downtown Denver. As they leave, 621 will be the “gateway” to the mountains and recreation.
Every aspect of the building is being looked at from the most progressive, creative, sustainable angle to tell a unique story.

The Philosphy
621 will be much more than a building; it will be an entirely new way of looking at business partnerships, social outreach, environmental sustainability and engaging clients with products and services. We look at every vendor and client in a complete circle of thinking and brand strategies. While 621 maybe the end user of a product we see all the possibilities of promoting the products, delivering marketing assets back to the vendor and being an incredible showcase and spokespeople for our partners.

An example of this is combining our relationship with a professional athlete, a material vendor and our architects to make a visual statement while also telling an incredible story. Chris Davenport is a world-renowned big mountain skier and the first person to climb and ski all of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks in one calendar year. Richlite makes revolutionary materials including Skatelite which is the premier and best known skatepark surface. The Public Works also uses their materials in eco-friendly library furniture. S-Arch is the architect firm who has partnered up with 621 LLC to actualize the dream of this space. All three entities are coming together to create the fascia of the building as a functional sculpture that pays homage to the mountains that have inspired and driven so many of the companies and people who will be housed at 621.
The unique mix of clients has been formed to create synergies for not only the companies within but for all of the stakeholders in 621. Under one roof we will be able to do everything from ideation of brand building initiatives to product photography, TV commercials, fabrication and full international PR campaigns.
While we are proud of our tenant partners we also understand this is merely the tip of the iceberg of pursuing our founding principal of 1+1=3. We are focused on finding new partners and creating something larger than either could do solely.


The Public Works – Owner/Tentant
The Public Works is a full service project management firm. We assist clients with every aspect of the project development cycle, from ideation and project brief development, to design, engineering, and fabrication, through creative and marketing deliverables. We feel privileged to be partners with a slew of like-minded and like-hearted companies – global brands who appreciate our passion for custom, powerfully branded products. We consistently deliver quality – on schedule and on budget. Welcome to The Public Works.

Wink Inc. – Owner/Tenant
Wink Inc. is a high-end, full-service film, television and multi-media production company. With offices in Denver, Colorado and Jackson, Wyoming. Having a state of the art studio away from the big cities allows Wink Inc. to take advantage of their amazing setting while maintaining the strong work ethic of the big city grind.

Wink has an in-house staff consisting of producers, directors, shooters, editors, audio technicians, PA’s and scouts. Their tech-savvy, extensive arsenal of equipment and flexible facility give them the ability to work on any project, large or small.

In the realm of performance, everything counts. For 30 years, Spyder has focused on every detail in engineering superior skiwear, scrutinizing the subtleties that make every discipline – every athlete – unique. Renowned for integrating high-tech fabrics, fashion and functionality, we’re obsessed with keeping you dry, comfortable, and warm. Then we push it harder. Rigorously tested by top athletes across the world, Spyder embodies a passion for performance – the same passion driving you to your next adrenaline rush.

Icelantic is a progressive, independent ski company that represents
skis, art, adventure, creativity, passion and innovation.
It is our mission to be forever innovative, passionate and
sincere. Icelantic skis are high performance and totally unique, to
guarantee the evolution of the snow sports industry. We employ
American craftsmanship, top of the line materials and cutting
edge graphic art to provide our customer the best possible product
and experience.

“Phenom Creative offers strategic marketing and consulting services for using video to create technology brand stories for product driven companies and medium to large corporations.

We have a unique storytelling process and our goal in creating content is to capture and document a well planned and well executed visual experience so the end user has been influenced by our story and/or interactive experience”.

Company Be
We provide software services born out of the need to run a small business more efficiently and effectively. Our experience is drawn on the idea that you don’t have to be huge to have cutting edge technology and compete in a global market.

Our application was developed very “hands on”. As retailers in this day and age we needed an intuitive, easy to use system that we could access from anywhere an internet connection is available. We believe you can continue to do what you love and realize your dream without sacrificing real business functionality.

What’s the point of life if you can not laugh at yourself and have fun each and everyday?
DVLP is a community of weird and creative people who strive to design the best clothing and accessories in the world. We are about having fun and enjoying life with good people. We support and harness creative minds to come together and make something real….and something special.
DVLP is a lifestyle fashion brand founded in 2004. The company has recently celebrated five years in business, and looks to the next five years as an opportunity to expand and continue building our creative community around the world. In June of 2009, FGI (Fashion Group International) chose DVLP as the “Best Fashion Streetwear Designer” of the year.

Denver Design Incubator
The Denver Design Incubator will be Denver, Colorado’s premier Business Incubator to train apparel and accessory designers and launch entrepreneurial opportunities. This organization will assist in the establishment of new apparel and accessory businesses as creative enterprises in Colorado.

Hayter PR
Hayter Communications is a full-service public relations and copywriting agency representing a stable of A-list active lifestyle and action sports clients.

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