Spyder Shoot

Bibby and Davenport

Shooting professional athletes is one of our favorite parts of what we do. It’s always the most fun when a team shoot comes together and we get to experience the eclectic but (usually) surprisingly cohesive personalities come together.

This late season shoot with Spyder was especially fun because we got to meet a lot of these athletes for the first time. It’s always great to link up with new people who live, work, and play in more or less the same sphere as you for the first time. In our little snow sports world we’re all more or less aware of what others are doing but it’s always a pleasure to really get to spend time with those people. You’ll invariably learn interesting and sometimes surprising facets to the personalities of the people you’ve watched in movies and on TV, seen photos of, or seen on a podium somewhere.


The Spyder shoot was an awesome mix of skiers from almost every aspect of the sport. Big mountain, park rats, racers, ski crossers all together. It’s funny how perceptions about people in each of those disciplines get manipulated by media and how similar everyone really is when they get together and hang out… All just humans who fell in love with sliding on snow.

In 5 days we managed to shoot the Kids line, the fashion line, the big mountain line, the park line, and the lifestyle line all without one pre 6am call time. Aspen is a great place to shoot because of the diversity of locations you can find all tucked into the little valley. Well, I guess Aspen is really a great place to shoot because it’s a great place to be. We happened to hit it during fashion week which lead for some fun people watching. Within 10 minutes of showing up at the Sky hotel a guy walked in with two Pomeranians under his arms, leashes dangling, wearing a turtle neck, a leather vest, and a haircut that obviously took a project manager and a team of stylists to construct.

The shooting went smoothly all week. Besides the challenge of getting a crew of park rats to hike Highlands bowl and trying to keep 13 year old Mitch Gilman away from the cougars, everything was smooth sailing for a shoot with 12 athletes and 4 rolling racks of product to shoot in different environments in 4 days.

I’m working on building a Vimeo slideshow of the shoot but for now here are a few shots.

Mitch fending off the Cougars

Colby and Jake getting (giving?) some lapdance love

Jake leading the crew

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