Photoshoot in Chile

We just returned from two weeks in Portillo Chile on a Spyder photoshoot. As we talked about in the last big team photoshoot post, it was amazing to hang out with the immensely diverse group of talented skiers and cool people. We were hoping for winter and came into full on spring conditions but we made the most of it and got a lot done.

We shot racers, freeskiers, and jibbers on and off the mountain and filled out an image bank for Spyder’s new product. Spyder was able for the first time ever to move their production schedule up to get their product samples in for a huge early season shoot… pretty cool.

Portillo is an all inclusive ski resort right on the border between Chile and Argentina. It sits on a gorgeous lake and in view of Aconcagua the tallest peak in the Andes at 22,834 feet. The Andes are amazing mountains to have been able to live and work in for two weeks and we were lucky to have multiple days in the helicopter exploring them.

We were also lucky enough to shoot along side Chris Patterson and Colin Witherill from Warren Miller Entertainment. These guys both have pretty impressive resumes and Chris is pretty much a cinematographer legend. Both cool talented guys that were a pleasure to shoot next to.

In photo geek news we have been beta testing the new Nikon TT5 Pocket Wizards and we were able to sync the profoto kit at 1/1600 of a second… this is big news for all the photo nerds out there and I’ll do another blog post more specifically about that but for now consider it claimed… first 1/1600 true sync speed with a profoto!

Since it’s all new product we can’t share too much of the imagery but here are some scenics from beautiful Chile!


Contact us if you’re interested in archival prints of any of these photos.



  1. ellen guidera

    Hello Spyder team,
    We loved having you in Portillo and thank you for adding lots of excitement to our Friends Week skiweek. Good luck with your catalog, all of us look forward to seeing it! Also, we love the Spyder Portillo jackets!!! Thank you!
    Ellen and Henry

  2. thepublicworks

    Thanks everyone!


    Thanks for having us! It was an amazing time with great people. We all appreciate you sharing your special place with us.

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  4. anne

    Can i ask you who you had to speak with at Portillo to get permission to shoot there? and who you had to pay? we are planning a photo shoot and would like to shoot at Portillo. thanks so much!

    • thepublicworks

      We will send you an email with the contact information of the person to talk to. What kind of shoot are you setting up?

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