Battery 621 update

Things are moving quickly at Battery 621. Some of our tenants and partners have already begun moving their things into the building and working on their spaces.

We’re cranking along building out Spyder’s global showroom and the change feels monumental every time you walk in the building. It still feels like the deadline is approaching rapidly but we’re confident we’re going to hit the mark.

The electrical is finished throughout the building so we’ve been pulling some late nights but enjoying finishing our nights with a cold one on our new front stairs or back fire escape.

Since things are progressing so quickly it’s hard to keep up with the blog updates but we’ll do our best to keep new photos up at least a couple times a week from here on out.

We also still have a few spaces in the building available. Feel free to contact someone at The Public Works if you’re interested.

Steel and bamboo staircase completed


The Icelantic crew starting to customize their offices.

Kitchen getting closer.

Wine racks are framed out and ready for some custom metal wracking.

Widened garage door to shop. Already backed the full size dodge in several times.

Some tech dry-walling for the Spyder Edition room.

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