Planet Earth Signs

Check out the Planet Earth site for photos and video from our beetle kill retail signage.

We try to make all of our projects portfolio worthy but we really feel that this project showcases the way we like to think… We do our best to always consider a full product cycle and add a compelling accompanying story, assets to back that story up, and distribution for those assets. For this project we logged all the lumber, milled the material, designed and built the signs, and worked with a local artist to do the screen printing. We shot photos and filmed the whole process and then included a URL link to the story of the sign’s creation in the screen print.

The signs read: “Relatively warm winters have allowed the Mountain Pine Beetle population exponential growth, killing over 22 million acres in Canada and 70% of Colorado’s Lodgepole pine trees with no signs of slowing down. We’re giving dead trees a new life. WATCH VIDEO OF MAKING THIS SIGN:”

It’s thanks to progressive clients like Planet Earth that we’re able to keep pushing this kind of project.

We’ve worked with beetle kill more and more lately and are currently using a ton of it to build the Spyder global showroom in Battery 621. A whole update on that process coming soon!

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