Battery621 Update: Almost There!

We have WiFi!! This is an obvious landmark and within hours of establishing a digital connection to the world members of our team and Wink Inc. started sending 1’s and 0’s and officially conducting business at Battery621. While it might not be the thriving, high tech center of creativity and commerce that it will be in a month it’s an exciting start.

621 Kalamath has been cranking for the past couple of weeks. We’ve watched the clock turn from PM to AM more than a few times while the construction sparks are still flying but it’s been worth it. Wink Inc already has 2 of the 6 edit bays filled with work and have set up temporary office until the Turnstone furniture arrives. Icelantic is hitting it hard getting their offices looking very fresh and building beetle kill furniture of their own.

Our build-out of the Spyder showroom space is coming along as well. We successfully laid up and raised 500 sqft of beetle kill timber into a beautiful ceiling and are well on our way to finishing the back wall, mannequin platform, floor and fireplace.

Beetle kill ceiling


Glamourous temporary office. It’s not pretty but it’s pretty damn cool to be working here.

Soon to look more like this

Beetle kill getting laid up

Working hard

Icelantic getting after it!

Blank canvas. Turnstone furniture is already ordered. ELT easy green in the works. Talking about fountains, murals, flat screens, living wall, sculpture, photos, etc. Not sure exactly where the design is going to land but it’s fun to think about and whatever we end up doing is going to be exciting.

Downstairs is coming together too.

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