Alaska Online Editorial

Ian Fohrman wrote a 3 part series for on his trip to AK during the worst snow year in 30 years as well as some coverage of WESC and Tailgate AK for ESPN.

Part 1
“I already had my plane ticket and a deposit on an RV when the news started trickling in. It didn’t take long before my entire crew had bailed and the event I was going to cover was rumored canceled. Just like that, I was on a solo mission to Valdez in the worst snow year in recorded history with a 29-foot RV and nothing to do.”


Part 2
“After about a week this place starts to get to you. Each day starts with peering under the cheap RV blinds as pupils slowly dilate, eyes find focus, and the weather information seeps in… Cloudy again. It’s Groundhog Day on Thompson pass.”

ESPN Coverage
“We all knew there was a possibility that we’d have to wait it out and I was excited to do our best to get out and explore in the meantime,” said Salt Lake City-based competitor Vanessa Aadland.

Shining the Turd Part 3

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