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Bear Naked Brand Experience Kiosk

The Bear Naked Granola brand experience kiosk is now on the way back from the East Coast after stopping at the Teva Games in Vail.

On Board Experiential Marketing came to us because they knew we bring more to the table than just fabrication. Most of what passes through our fab shop starts with napkin sketches from chairlift, trailhead, or bar room meetings and goes though a long series of sketches, engineering, and prototyping. On this project On Board had a refined design that we helped bring to life.

The kiosk is framed out of beetle kill and skinned with corrugated steel. We CNCed the signage in our solar powered shop in Evergreen and the rest of the build went down in our Battery621 shop. The crew from On Board came down to Battery, checked out the finished product, and we loaded their trailer (wrapped by our friends at Ink Monstr) so they could hit the road to the Teva Games.

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Red Bull Photo Slideshow

We’ve had an amazing relationship with Red Bull throughout the years that has crossed almost every category of our competencies. We’ve been a part of the Red Bull Media House team for almost 5 years and have shot a huge variety of athletes, events, and musicians.

We put this slideshow together as a quick tour through our years of shooting everything Red Bull. It was a challenge, as curation always is, sorting through the tens of thousands of frames. We edited and re-edited, feeling that one shot or a whole shoot was more worthwhile than another. In the end, photography is subjective and almost certainly there is someone who would be more or less happy at either end of our vacillations. There is a ton we left out but we feel it landed on comfortable length and selection. We’d love to hear your feed back.

Enjoy [at full screen]

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The Blues Jean Bar

We built The Blues Jean Bar a portable retail experience to take on the road to test new markets and deliver their unique product to regions where they don’t yet have a physical location. The Blues Jean Bar takes an innovative approach to selling denim where knowledgeable friendly “Jeans Tenders” help customers find their perfect pair of jeans. They have 9 brick and mortar locations and 3 mobile units nationally and are rapidly expanding.

We designed the modular portable system as a system of light weight crates made of beetle kill pine. The crates nest together to create a shelving system and front bar. The top crates in each stack have branding both inside (behind the denim) and on the back and can be oriented either way depending on signage needs and amount of denim. The bar is branded with water jet cut steel.

The bar and one of three shelves in front of branded van.


Red Bull Cold Rush Video and Texas Trip

We already posted about designing, building, delivering, and installing the branding for the 2011 Red Bull Cold Rush in Silverton as well as shooting the event. We promised a video in that post so here it is:

We also just headed to Texas with a trailer full of infrastructure goodies to deliver.

We designed and built this DJ booth is for Red Bull account Rich’s Bar. It is fabricated from powder-coated steel and fixed with color changing strobing LED lights side lighting the front branding.

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Red Bull Cold Rush (*New Video)

This year Red Bull brought Cold Rush, the coolest backcountry event in skiing, into our backyard and we were there to help with a range of services from branding and trophy creation, to logistic help, to photography (Ian is also writing a feature piece for one of the main snow mags on the event).

The event:
Not enough can be said about the challenges of bringing a full scale production deep into the backcountry and the precision in which Red Bull was able to execute this monumental feat.  Rounding up 18 of the world’s best skiers in the middle of the season is a feat in itself but the chance for 3 days of free heli time in a world class venue and a laid back contest atmosphere was too much to pass up.  Pep Fujas hosted the event and consulted on location scouting and jump building. To Pep’s full credit the venues each day allowed for some ridiculous action to go down.

We were honored to shoot side by side with two of the best photographers in the game, mountain goat Christian Pondella, and light minja [mini ninja] Erik Seo.

Shooting a backcountry ski event with 4 photographers is an interesting exercise in teamwork in a field that is usually driven by a singular vision or, at most, a collaboration of an athlete a photographer. Each day we would scout the venue together and combine our respective photographic visions and skill sets to come up with a plan that could cover the shot list for the day. The Red Bull and Silverton crews were more than accommodating with our logistic needs to execute against the photo plan.

Knowing how we wanted to shoot the event we were able to take the Cold Rush rustic mining theme and run with it to create the tough, durable, badass looking pieces that would tell the Cold Rush story when captured as 1’s and 0’s and distributed around the world. Video of the creation process coming soon here now!


CMH Booth

We recently built a tradeshow booth for Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH, the biggest heli ski operation in the world) for the Young Presidents’ Organization conference.

We incorporated actual heli parts into the beetle kill timber frame booth including a spinning tail-rotor. We used our own imagery from The Public Works extensive snow sports image bank and installed a vikuiti screen to loop CMH’s videos of their heli ops.

We’re going to be helping them build their own image bank this spring. Can’t ever complain about more heli time!

The booth

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AFP Trophies Year 2

This weekend we headed up to Dew Tour to support the Spyder athletes, deliver them new Spyder product, and deliver the AFP trophies for the Freeskier Magazine party. This is the second year we’ve made the trophies and we were able to crank them out in under a week. Each snowflake is hand plasma cut making them all unique.

It was pretty cool getting to take photos of Roz G holding trophies that we pumped out of our shop that week and then hand her new 2011 product that was freshly delivered to the Spyder showroom in the Battery building that day.

Congrats to Roz G for winning women’s overall and 2nd place pipe!