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SIA Post

SIA Left Las Vegas… Any big change, especially to a long standing tradition or embedded routine can be difficult to deal with but it’s part of life. If you can be open to new possibilities usually you can find solace in moving forward… Good bye Nobu, 4% looser slots, circle bar, yards of booze, and no last call… BUT… Hello fresh air, drinkable water, and city that isn’t a disgusting shit-hole in the desert. I couldn’t be happier.

A lot happened this year for The Public Works at SIA. We picked up some new clients, parted ways with one big client who’s vision differed from ours, got to check out some of our infrastructure and imagery in use, and met a ton of great people.

We’re beyond excited to continue building our network and becoming a bigger part of the Colorado business community. There are a ton of great companies here doing interesting, creative and progressive work and we’re thrilled to be building relationships with many of them.

Check out some of our work at the trade show:

Custom signage for the Helly Hansen Booth getting loaded into the truck.

Helly Hansen signage being installed.

Looking pretty good!

Beetle kill image walls for Obermeyer

Imagery in Spyder booth shot by Ian Fohrman and Mike Arzt


The Meeting

Just returned from The Meeting in Aspen this past weekend and it was everything we expect that weekend to be…

Amazing fall scenery in Aspen, fun parties, insightful discussions, productive meetings, and something really really fun courtesy of by Red Bull.

The fall scenery was in full effect with snow dusting the peaks and leaves in full fall display and we got to enjoy it with throttles pinned up the face of Ajax first thing after arriving on Friday. It’s a fun feeling racing around a mountain that you know so well in the summer. Looking at some of the runs it’s amazing that we can even ski them in the winter much less charge them the way we do… peering down S1 feels like you’re going to fall straight down to Spar.

Obviously a major topic of discussion was the Warren Miller Entertainment/Level1 Productions situation. Avoiding too much comment on the issue here I’ll just say that most of the industry was in agreement that there are probably better ways for WME to be spending time and money.

Saturday began with an American Supercamp session thanks to Red Bull where we got a chance to rip around a mini track and work on our moto fundamentals. Directly following a leg burning 100,002 laps on the Supercamp course at the bottom of Buttermilk we headed straight through town and up Smugglers passing dozens of nannies pushing strollers, house wives with lap dogs, hikers with ski poles, and bikers in spandex. The views were epic and the riding was fast and fun.

Straight off the trail we headed back to Buttermilk for session #2 and #3 of the meeting where we discussed the state of freeski competition and the AFP.

After a quick break we broke into the topic of the business of film making. The discussion centered around the sustainability, or lack thereof, of business models based solely around sales of action sports DVDs. It was an interesting discussion with representatives from all sides of the table joining in. We discussed the merits or team videos vs. independent films vs. special projects

After the official meetings were over we had a chance to sit down and talk some Helly Hansen and Aspen business and then on to the MSP premier at the Wheeler and a party at the Belly Up.

Sunday morning we made it a goal to be out early and as sad as it always is to leave Aspen we were excited to get into the desert. We unloaded and headed into the expansive Utah desert rolling through sage brush terrain and a perfect mix of fast and technical trails.

Add a stop in Grand Juction for some natural moto terrain park and you have a pretty great weekend.

Congrats to Riley and Katrina!!! and thanks to the entire Aspen crew!


Biodiesel Processor: Part 1

The Public Works team just returned from a hugely successful week in coastal BC. We attended the Telus festival, the 1Step launch party, and the PowWow where Mike spoke expertly on the panel, met with HH athletes and industry media, built a state of the art bio diesel processor, and made party.

Helly Hansen Athlete Mark Abma is making a push to embrace sustainability in every aspect of his life. He launched 1Step, a charity aimed at educating and raising awareness and he’s working with all his sponsors to create more eco-friendly products.

Mark realized that even with these initiatives his career as a professional skier forces him have a larger than average footprint and started looking for ways to reduce… and that’s where we came in.

Mark’s work requires that he have a truck and that he make multiple trips to Interior BC every season and bio seemed like a perfect solution to helping him reach his goal of consuming less.

Our company trucks have been running off waste bio diesel for about 5 years and helping Mark was a great way to develop and promote a more efficient and automated system.

We immediately set to work designing the cleanest most user friendly system we could come up with. After about a month of development we had a working prototype in our shop.

All that was left was to find a way to get all the right parts and tools for Mark’s system to his home in Pemberton, find a waste oil supply, and take the crew up north to build the thing…. 4 days, and 100 trips to the local canadian hardware store later, we had processed 20Gal of waste oil from the sushi restaurant into a tank full of clean diesel for Mark’s truck.

As with any project we do, we looked beyond building the best product possible and saw an opportunity to leverage the story to benefit all parties involved. This meant a film partner, photography, a print media partner, and an extended PR strategy.

Watch for a full print article in the October issue of Freeskier Magazine, an episode from Nimbus Independent, and much more information here and across the intrawebs.

Special thanks to Lande for the hospitality, accommodations, and provisions.




Another Helly Hansen photoshoot at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing produced and managed by the Public Works.

“Statistics don’t do Selkirk justice. Sure, 78 square kilometres (30 square miles) is big. Bigger than all of Vail and Whistler-Blackcomb combined. With only 24 skiers maximum per week, visitors to Selkirk Wilderness are guaranteed over 80,000 vertical feet of untracked bliss. But, like we just said, statistics don’t do it justice. ”

The lodge is beautiful and comfortable, the food is amazing and plentiful (bacon breakfasts and constant cat ride feeding rendered some serious heli-belly by the end of the week), the staff was friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and accommodating, and the terrain was endless.

For most of the shoot we broke into two groups… the group with sleds and the cat group. The sled group was basically just the MSP crew: Murray Wais filming, Blake Jorgenson shooting and Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, and James Heim skiing. The cat group was John Roderick on motion, Mark Gallup on stills, and JP Solberg, Lisa Filzmoser, and Chris Davenport riding.

Check out a few photos:

[note: the tree burning, while extremely fun (especially when the tree is lit with a roman candle), is actually fire mitigation and prevents the red trees from burning in the summer when the whole hill could go up… so please no angry patchouli-scented comments.]





Shipping Fun

Beautiful day packing boxes of Helly Hansen product for athletes and media.  Hope everyone likes their gear because it was an “Into Thin Air” mission to get it organized and out.



Chatter Creek

Last week we booked tickets for 20 people (12 athletes, 2 photographers, 2 motion guys, 3 company guys, someone from a potential account) to Calgary, drove them to Golden via packed-to-the-gills rental vehicles, loaded a school bus and took a field trip to the heli pick up, took 6 helicopter loads over a beautiful mountain lake to the snow cat pick up, and rode a snow cat into the best place on earth.

Chatter Creek Lodge is an epic log cabin build entirely from on-site lumber deep in the Canadian Rockies. They have an enormous tenure (238 square kilometres) accessed by 4 snow cats and a heli and the coolest staff in the world.

We simultaneously negotiated a deal for a Helly Hansen uniform contract for Chatter Creek and booked the annual early season winter photo shoot.

The crew killed it with Nate Abbott and Mark Gallup on stills and Pixl Family on motion behind the lenses and Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, James Heim, Shin Campos, Eric Pollard, JP Solberg, Chris Davenport, PK Hunder, Lisa Filzmoser, Jessica Sobolowski, Jake Knigge, and Karine Falck-Pedersen in front.

We managed a huge shot list with a boatload of product and seem to have nailed everything we needed. We also managed to collect product feedback from the athletes and the Chatter guides and staff.

Ridiculously beautiful setting, great people, sick terrain, good snow, hot tub, good food, bar games.

All in all… great success!





Trailer Time

It’s that time of the year when all the ski production companies are holed away in editing bays around the world. They’re tethered to their computers and trying their best to sort through a season of piled up footage of all the athletes getting rad.

It’s also the time when they give the public their first glimses of the masterpieces that will premier in the fall.

We have spent the last year helping to coordinate these shoots, fineness media contracts, make sure our Helly Hansen Athletes get the exposure they deserve, and generally keep everyone happy and business running smoothly…

Huge thanks to MSP, Rage Films, and everyone at Nimbus Independant


Hunting Yeti
Such is Life