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Ian is 30!

So Ian turned 30 last week. We did what any normal crew would do, and we surprised him with a celebration at Battery621. Grilled meat, beer, cake, and trailball were on the menu for the nights festivities. Oh, and to top if off, there was a gift. Not just any ol’ gift either.



Red Bull Cold Rush (*New Video)

This year Red Bull brought Cold Rush, the coolest backcountry event in skiing, into our backyard and we were there to help with a range of services from branding and trophy creation, to logistic help, to photography (Ian is also writing a feature piece for one of the main snow mags on the event).

The event:
Not enough can be said about the challenges of bringing a full scale production deep into the backcountry and the precision in which Red Bull was able to execute this monumental feat.  Rounding up 18 of the world’s best skiers in the middle of the season is a feat in itself but the chance for 3 days of free heli time in a world class venue and a laid back contest atmosphere was too much to pass up.  Pep Fujas hosted the event and consulted on location scouting and jump building. To Pep’s full credit the venues each day allowed for some ridiculous action to go down.

We were honored to shoot side by side with two of the best photographers in the game, mountain goat Christian Pondella, and light minja [mini ninja] Erik Seo.

Shooting a backcountry ski event with 4 photographers is an interesting exercise in teamwork in a field that is usually driven by a singular vision or, at most, a collaboration of an athlete a photographer. Each day we would scout the venue together and combine our respective photographic visions and skill sets to come up with a plan that could cover the shot list for the day. The Red Bull and Silverton crews were more than accommodating with our logistic needs to execute against the photo plan.

Knowing how we wanted to shoot the event we were able to take the Cold Rush rustic mining theme and run with it to create the tough, durable, badass looking pieces that would tell the Cold Rush story when captured as 1’s and 0’s and distributed around the world. Video of the creation process coming soon here now!


Product Photography

We’ve spent the last 2 months cranking in our brand new studio at Battery621 shooting all the Spyder product and we’re about to wrap. It’s been amazing having our own space to work in and customize to our workflow.

We’re shooting the D700 tethered to an iMac through Lightroom3 and lighting with Profoto and Pocket Wizards. We’ve been working the hell out of our stylist Amber Martin, digi-tech Jordan Loyd, and assistant Jack Boyd and they’ve kicked ass throughout. There is no way we could have finished without such an awesome crew.

The shots are already starting to make their PR rounds

The studio. Click to see a quick timelapse of the crew at work.

Thanks to our crew for going above and beyond to make it happen!

Click for some sample shots

Battery621 Hosts Spyder Sales Meeting

Battery621 has opened it’s doors to 200+ Spyder employees from around the world. On Saturday night Spyder hosted a huge opening party introducing the new showroom, the new product lines, and the athletes that represent them. After the months of work it was pretty amazing to watch the space transform into a venue for a global sales meeting, a fashion show, and then into a full on dance party.

The week kicked off with intro videos filmed by Chris and Colin from Warren Miller on our Chile trip and then straight into the fashion show. Beers were consumed, catwalks were strutted, and everyone seemed pumped on the new product collections.

We spent a good amount hanging and checking out the skyline from the Northwest stoop and are getting that much more excited for the skate-able roof deck that should be coming soon.

The dance party morphed seamlessly into the after-party at a classy gentleman’s club and into sunday morning’s bloodshot eyes. The last few days has been a bit of a blur of meetings, new product, new faces, and good times.

catwalk strutt’n

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Battery621 Update: Almost There!

We have WiFi!! This is an obvious landmark and within hours of establishing a digital connection to the world members of our team and Wink Inc. started sending 1’s and 0’s and officially conducting business at Battery621. While it might not be the thriving, high tech center of creativity and commerce that it will be in a month it’s an exciting start.

621 Kalamath has been cranking for the past couple of weeks. We’ve watched the clock turn from PM to AM more than a few times while the construction sparks are still flying but it’s been worth it. Wink Inc already has 2 of the 6 edit bays filled with work and have set up temporary office until the Turnstone furniture arrives. Icelantic is hitting it hard getting their offices looking very fresh and building beetle kill furniture of their own.

Our build-out of the Spyder showroom space is coming along as well. We successfully laid up and raised 500 sqft of beetle kill timber into a beautiful ceiling and are well on our way to finishing the back wall, mannequin platform, floor and fireplace.

Beetle kill ceiling


Planet Earth Signs

Check out the Planet Earth site for photos and video from our beetle kill retail signage.

We try to make all of our projects portfolio worthy but we really feel that this project showcases the way we like to think… We do our best to always consider a full product cycle and add a compelling accompanying story, assets to back that story up, and distribution for those assets. For this project we logged all the lumber, milled the material, designed and built the signs, and worked with a local artist to do the screen printing. We shot photos and filmed the whole process and then included a URL link to the story of the sign’s creation in the screen print.

The signs read: “Relatively warm winters have allowed the Mountain Pine Beetle population exponential growth, killing over 22 million acres in Canada and 70% of Colorado’s Lodgepole pine trees with no signs of slowing down. We’re giving dead trees a new life. WATCH VIDEO OF MAKING THIS SIGN:”

It’s thanks to progressive clients like Planet Earth that we’re able to keep pushing this kind of project.

We’ve worked with beetle kill more and more lately and are currently using a ton of it to build the Spyder global showroom in Battery 621. A whole update on that process coming soon!

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Spyder Athlete Management

BOULDER, CO (May 27, 2010) – Spyder Active Sports Inc., the world’s leading skiwear and mountain based apparel brand, has teamed up with the ingenious minds at The Public Works, a full service project management and sports marketing agency to visually and creatively promote the iconic brand and the Spyder team.

Mike Arzt, co-owner and principal at The Public Works, and associate, Ian Fohrman, will collaborate with the progressive brand on many levels throughout their multi-year partnership, including managing and supporting the Spyder team; serving as the primary photographers and directors for on-location athlete shoots and in-house photo sessions; facilitating industry events and promotions; and designing and building Spyder’s new Denver showroom, set to open in September 2010.

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