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Ian is 30!

So Ian turned 30 last week. We did what any normal crew would do, and we surprised him with a celebration at Battery621. Grilled meat, beer, cake, and trailball were on the menu for the nights festivities. Oh, and to top if off, there was a gift. Not just any ol’ gift either.



Product Photography

We’ve spent the last 2 months cranking in our brand new studio at Battery621 shooting all the Spyder product and we’re about to wrap. It’s been amazing having our own space to work in and customize to our workflow.

We’re shooting the D700 tethered to an iMac through Lightroom3 and lighting with Profoto and Pocket Wizards. We’ve been working the hell out of our stylist Amber Martin, digi-tech Jordan Loyd, and assistant Jack Boyd and they’ve kicked ass throughout. There is no way we could have finished without such an awesome crew.

The shots are already starting to make their PR rounds

The studio. Click to see a quick timelapse of the crew at work.

Thanks to our crew for going above and beyond to make it happen!

Click for some sample shots

Battery621 Hosts Spyder Sales Meeting

Battery621 has opened it’s doors to 200+ Spyder employees from around the world. On Saturday night Spyder hosted a huge opening party introducing the new showroom, the new product lines, and the athletes that represent them. After the months of work it was pretty amazing to watch the space transform into a venue for a global sales meeting, a fashion show, and then into a full on dance party.

The week kicked off with intro videos filmed by Chris and Colin from Warren Miller on our Chile trip and then straight into the fashion show. Beers were consumed, catwalks were strutted, and everyone seemed pumped on the new product collections.

We spent a good amount hanging and checking out the skyline from the Northwest stoop and are getting that much more excited for the skate-able roof deck that should be coming soon.

The dance party morphed seamlessly into the after-party at a classy gentleman’s club and into sunday morning’s bloodshot eyes. The last few days has been a bit of a blur of meetings, new product, new faces, and good times.

catwalk strutt’n

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