We were honored with the opportunity to beta test the new Pocketwizard FlexTT5 Nikon System and wanted to write this post on a few of our findings. The product is on the market and available to consumers now and they’re definitely worth checking out. This is not a full review, plenty of those already exist, just a highlight of a few things we loved about them.

We tested for two weeks on a Spyder shoot in Portillo, Chile (check out it out here) and have been shooting the system non-stop since we got it in our hands. The FlexTT5 system is working great and there is a ton of exciting technology that’s changing what we can do with off-camera flashes.



Bear Naked Brand Experience Kiosk

The Bear Naked Granola brand experience kiosk is now on the way back from the East Coast after stopping at the Teva Games in Vail.

On Board Experiential Marketing came to us because they knew we bring more to the table than just fabrication. Most of what passes through our fab shop starts with napkin sketches from chairlift, trailhead, or bar room meetings and goes though a long series of sketches, engineering, and prototyping. On this project On Board had a refined design that we helped bring to life.

The kiosk is framed out of beetle kill and skinned with corrugated steel. We CNCed the signage in our solar powered shop in Evergreen and the rest of the build went down in our Battery621 shop. The crew from On Board came down to Battery, checked out the finished product, and we loaded their trailer (wrapped by our friends at Ink Monstr) so they could hit the road to the Teva Games.

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Red Bull Photo Slideshow

We’ve had an amazing relationship with Red Bull throughout the years that has crossed almost every category of our competencies. We’ve been a part of the Red Bull Media House team for almost 5 years and have shot a huge variety of athletes, events, and musicians.

We put this slideshow together as a quick tour through our years of shooting everything Red Bull. It was a challenge, as curation always is, sorting through the tens of thousands of frames. We edited and re-edited, feeling that one shot or a whole shoot was more worthwhile than another. In the end, photography is subjective and almost certainly there is someone who would be more or less happy at either end of our vacillations. There is a ton we left out but we feel it landed on comfortable length and selection. We’d love to hear your feed back.

Enjoy [at full screen]

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The Blues Jean Bar

We built The Blues Jean Bar a portable retail experience to take on the road to test new markets and deliver their unique product to regions where they don’t yet have a physical location. The Blues Jean Bar takes an innovative approach to selling denim where knowledgeable friendly “Jeans Tenders” help customers find their perfect pair of jeans. They have 9 brick and mortar locations and 3 mobile units nationally and are rapidly expanding.

We designed the modular portable system as a system of light weight crates made of beetle kill pine. The crates nest together to create a shelving system and front bar. The top crates in each stack have branding both inside (behind the denim) and on the back and can be oriented either way depending on signage needs and amount of denim. The bar is branded with water jet cut steel.

The bar and one of three shelves in front of branded van.


TPW Shred Day

Normally we reserve our blog for “work-related” items but we decided The Public Works shred day was worth mention if for no other reason than that we got the entire crew to hang out at once.

We did our best to carpool and convened in the Evergreen Walmart parking lot to consolidate gear and grab a coffee for those that forgot to snag a delicious Coda espresso (shameless plug) at Battery621.

The whole crew (12 deep) rolled in strong to Montezuma Basin and immediately started our assault of the area. We had 3 sleds, 4 guns, and a mini-shred booter going off simultaneously from bell to bell.

Unfortunately we ran out of clay pigeons in the first hour but that didn’t stop the crew from finding make-shift targets. High marks were had, mini-golf lines were shredded, and the whole crew rolled out after an epic sunset with shit-grins and beat up bodies.


TPW Prints

This winter we purchased a 40″ archival printer from Digital Arts Aspen and it’s been sitting for way too long. This past week we finally fired her up and printed 4 canvas prints as part of a Battery621 event celebrating Chris Davenport’s Everest Summit and successful ski of the Lhoste Face.  2 Photos are from Davenport’s camera on Everest and 2 are from Mike Arzt and Ian Fohrman of Davenport in Portillo Chile.

We built the internal frames out of poplar wood in our shop and headed over to the Like Minded Productions home studio finishing work to learn how to stretch and wrap the canvas. These guys are super pro and I would recommend them any day for your art production needs.

We auctioned off the prints at the party with all proceeds going to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. It was Dav’s choice of charity and makes us all feel like we are racking up a bit of backcountry karma by cutting the check. It’s a service we use on an almost daily basis during the winter and it feels good to give back.

We’re also beyond excited to have the new art making capability in house!

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Desert Rally

We just returned to Denver from a quick trip to Mammoth Lakes to shoot lifestyle with Julia Mancuso, TJ Lanning, and Jake Zamansky. The photos were primarily for European marketing materials and the brief was simple product-focused naturally lit photography.

Due to our car full of dead cell phones and an unfortunate and unnecessary detour sign we ended up getting the scenic tour of Tahoe’s surrounding area en route to Mammoth. Though the drive took close to 3 hours more than it should have, we traveled through some amazing landscapes and found several questionable ways to entertain ourselves on the road (photos below).