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New Zealand Catalogue Photo Shoot Details – Part 2: Lighting

As you can see from our last post on traveling and packing the majority of our traveling burden can be blamed on our lighting equipment. What we choose to bring on any given trip depends on the goals outlined by the story and the shot list (on an editorial shoot) or the creative brief (on a commercial shoot).

The creative brief for this trip included outside sculpted portraits at night with gells and light painting, lit daytime action, product focused environmental lifestyle, and a variety of studio set ups. We’ll break these post down into 4 categories: On hill action, improvised studio, lifestyle, and creative (light painting etc.).

Unfortunately we can’t show any of the final imagery until Spyder’s 2012 product is launched.




We were honored with the opportunity to beta test the new Pocketwizard FlexTT5 Nikon System and wanted to write this post on a few of our findings. The product is on the market and available to consumers now and they’re definitely worth checking out. This is not a full review, plenty of those already exist, just a highlight of a few things we loved about them.

We tested for two weeks on a Spyder shoot in Portillo, Chile (check out it out here) and have been shooting the system non-stop since we got it in our hands. The FlexTT5 system is working great and there is a ton of exciting technology that’s changing what we can do with off-camera flashes.


Product Photography

We’ve spent the last 2 months cranking in our brand new studio at Battery621 shooting all the Spyder product and we’re about to wrap. It’s been amazing having our own space to work in and customize to our workflow.

We’re shooting the D700 tethered to an iMac through Lightroom3 and lighting with Profoto and Pocket Wizards. We’ve been working the hell out of our stylist Amber Martin, digi-tech Jordan Loyd, and assistant Jack Boyd and they’ve kicked ass throughout. There is no way we could have finished without such an awesome crew.

The shots are already starting to make their PR rounds

The studio. Click to see a quick timelapse of the crew at work.

Thanks to our crew for going above and beyond to make it happen!

Click for some sample shots