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We were honored with the opportunity to beta test the new Pocketwizard FlexTT5 Nikon System and wanted to write this post on a few of our findings. The product is on the market and available to consumers now and they’re definitely worth checking out. This is not a full review, plenty of those already exist, just a highlight of a few things we loved about them.

We tested for two weeks on a Spyder shoot in Portillo, Chile (check out it out here) and have been shooting the system non-stop since we got it in our hands. The FlexTT5 system is working great and there is a ton of exciting technology that’s changing what we can do with off-camera flashes.



Red Bull Photo Slideshow

We’ve had an amazing relationship with Red Bull throughout the years that has crossed almost every category of our competencies. We’ve been a part of the Red Bull Media House team for almost 5 years and have shot a huge variety of athletes, events, and musicians.

We put this slideshow together as a quick tour through our years of shooting everything Red Bull. It was a challenge, as curation always is, sorting through the tens of thousands of frames. We edited and re-edited, feeling that one shot or a whole shoot was more worthwhile than another. In the end, photography is subjective and almost certainly there is someone who would be more or less happy at either end of our vacillations. There is a ton we left out but we feel it landed on comfortable length and selection. We’d love to hear your feed back.

Enjoy [at full screen]

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Red Bull Cold Rush (*New Video)

This year Red Bull brought Cold Rush, the coolest backcountry event in skiing, into our backyard and we were there to help with a range of services from branding and trophy creation, to logistic help, to photography (Ian is also writing a feature piece for one of the main snow mags on the event).

The event:
Not enough can be said about the challenges of bringing a full scale production deep into the backcountry and the precision in which Red Bull was able to execute this monumental feat.  Rounding up 18 of the world’s best skiers in the middle of the season is a feat in itself but the chance for 3 days of free heli time in a world class venue and a laid back contest atmosphere was too much to pass up.  Pep Fujas hosted the event and consulted on location scouting and jump building. To Pep’s full credit the venues each day allowed for some ridiculous action to go down.

We were honored to shoot side by side with two of the best photographers in the game, mountain goat Christian Pondella, and light minja [mini ninja] Erik Seo.

Shooting a backcountry ski event with 4 photographers is an interesting exercise in teamwork in a field that is usually driven by a singular vision or, at most, a collaboration of an athlete a photographer. Each day we would scout the venue together and combine our respective photographic visions and skill sets to come up with a plan that could cover the shot list for the day. The Red Bull and Silverton crews were more than accommodating with our logistic needs to execute against the photo plan.

Knowing how we wanted to shoot the event we were able to take the Cold Rush rustic mining theme and run with it to create the tough, durable, badass looking pieces that would tell the Cold Rush story when captured as 1’s and 0’s and distributed around the world. Video of the creation process coming soon here now!


Red Bull Sound Clash Dallas

We just got back from a crazy quick trip down to Dallas to shoot our second Sound Clash with Talib Kweli Vs. Ozomatli. Red Bull always knows how to throw a party and support the right people/bands/athletes/events. As always, sick concept and big names executed perfectly.

Ozomatli pulled out all the stops and put on an amazing show and Talib predictably spit hot fire all night long.

To be continued/let’s see what’s next up on the menu/run up in you/lyrics that be fuckin’ wit you/in the mental/pick any mental – instra, funda, detra/extra extra large like the borough of Brooklyn the residential -Talib


Red Bull Thre3 Style Finals

This weekend we shot the Thre3style finals at Club Beta in Denver, Colorado. Each of the 10 DJs had a 15 minute to put together a set including 3 genres of music. We heard everything from Easy E, Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, and Jay-Z to Pantera, Nirvana, and Bon Jovi, to the original Peanuts theme song. DJ’s are judged on track selection, technical skills, and crowd reaction.

DJ M-Squared, one of the nicest, most humble people you could meet, took home the win with an amazing set and will be heading to Paris for the international finals. Runners up were DJ Magnanimous who put on one of the most crowd pleasing shows of the night and played his entire set in a gas mask, and DJR.

After awards were given out, DJ Jazzy Jeff and ?uestlove of the Roots took the stage for the final performance and put on exactly the show you’d expect from these two legends of hip hop.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, and ?uestlove!


Red Bull 1976 Games 2010

Back to where it all started… The first event we ever shot for Red Bull Photofiles was 1976 Games at Winterpark 3 years ago. 3 years has gone by incredibly quickly but in that time we’ve managed to go from squeaking in that first gig to being 2 of 7 Photofiles photographers in the USA and 2 of 40 internationally.

We’ve been fortunate enough to shoot athletes breaking world records, Sound Clash, Thre3style, Big Tune, several Flugtags and Soap Box events, US motocross nationals, the Denver Grand Prix, Open Ice, ultra marathon runners, skiers, snowboarders, and sled-neckers.

It’s an honor getting to work with all the people that make the Red Bull brand what it is. From the athletes, to marketing managers, to the student brand managers, everyone we’ve worked with is fun, driven, energetic, smart, and interesting. It’s easy to see how Red Bull is able to constantly be the most progressive, connected, authentic brand in whatever market it enters.

Another fun year of snowler-blades, skinny skis, neon, and metal at Copper Mountain!