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En Zed: New Zealand Spyder Photoshoot Journey

Our second big catalog shoot with Spyder is in bag. We captured 10,000+ images over the course of 10 days with 5 athletes at 3 resorts.

The trip started with the ambitious attempt to lug 440lbs of ski, camera and lighting gear into 2 ski bags, 3 pelican cases, and 2 Dakine roller bags. We made it though DIA with a manageable extra baggage fee of $300. We don’t say it often but… Thanks United! Once in NZ things didn’t go quite as smoothly. Two pelicans and a camera bag were confiscated and we ended up walking all around the Aukland airport grounds trying not to get hit by cars by looking the wrong way crossing roads and searching for the Customs office.



Alaska Online Editorial

Ian Fohrman wrote a 3 part series for Powder.com on his trip to AK during the worst snow year in 30 years as well as some coverage of WESC and Tailgate AK for ESPN.

Part 1
“I already had my plane ticket and a deposit on an RV when the news started trickling in. It didn’t take long before my entire crew had bailed and the event I was going to cover was rumored canceled. Just like that, I was on a solo mission to Valdez in the worst snow year in recorded history with a 29-foot RV and nothing to do.”

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Online Editorial

The distribution and consumption of information is quickly evolving. As more content is disseminated though channels that can handle rich media more pressure is put on the content creators to fill that space. At The Public Works, we’ve always done our best to maximize our multi media asset gathering no matter what the project. Whether we’re building a POP piece or are on a photography trip we do our best to capture the process in multiple ways and cater the assets to multiple media outlets. For these editorial trips Ian Fohrman was hired as a writer but he also captured photo and video that will go to production companies as well as online in addition to the print stories.

In other words: We heard that something called the internets was going to be huge so we did some online editorial work.

Ian Fohrman went back to his home zone in Oregon to join KC Deane and Mark Dvorak to do a story for Skiing on Three Sisters Backcountry:
Check it out here

Ian Fohrman also just got back from a trip to Japan with The Ski Journal crew:
Notes from the road 1, Notes from the road 2

HUGE thanks to:
Bill Ross of Dancing Snow Inc. in Myoko
Shoiro Shimizu and Yoshimi-san of JNTO
Dave in Hakuba


2010 Editorial

Another season of editorial from our crew.

The Ski Bum Diaries: Ian Fohrman and 3 other writers were given $500 and an altimeter watch. Each started from a different metro area and had to make the money last as long as possible while clocking vertical feet. Gambling, police chases, and cliff drops.

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